We are delighted to have Noel Kingsbury coming to Stillingfleet on 20th September to run his gardening Masterclass, “A Rabbits Eye View”. To have such a  renowned expert here is a real honour and we are all looking forward to learning from him. Noel takes a naturalistic approach to planting and design, making our Stillingfleet garden a wonderful setting for the event, given the work we do in natural planting and sustainability.

The masterclass itself will focus on long-term performance of plants in a border, asking questions such as “how long will they survive?”, “will they spread?” and “what will they look like in 5 years time?”. This is a truly unique and fantastic opportunity for garden enthusiasts to learn from an specialist in the setting of Stillingfleet.

To give you a bit of an idea about Noel’s past work, he contributes regularly to Gardens Illustrated (who are one of the organisers) amongst multiple other magazines. He also has numerous books on the topic of planting and he has collaborated with well-known Dutch garden designer Piet Ouldorf. His most accessible work can be found on his blog, which is a particularly interesting read as it takes a different tone to his other writing, and discusses many issues and musings within gardening. It can be read here:  http://noels-garden.blogspot.com/

The ticket price of £90 includes lunch and there is ample free parking at the venue. 

If you would like to join us for Noel’s masterclass at Stillingfleet, it will take place on Thursday 20th September from 10:00am to 4:30pm. Tickets are £90 which includes lunch. We hope to see you there!