The Wildlife Pond

We started digging the pond in 1989 after we had taken advice from the Farm and Wildlife Advisory Group. They took out soil cores to make sure we could have a clay lined natural looking pond.  As we dug the pond, many cobbles were dug up and these were used to make a shallow incline to enable animals to get in and out of the water. The overflow ditch that was dug at one end is where you can see frogspawn in spring.

We used mostly British native species to plant up the pond. These provide an ideal habitat for wildlife. Plants you will see in the pond area include:


Bogbean                                 Menyanthes trifoliate
Brooklime                               Veronica beccabunga
Drooping Sedge                     Carex pendula
Flowering rush                        Butomus umbellatus
Gipsywort                                Lycopus europaeus
Greater Spearwort                  Ranunculus lingua
Hard Rush                              Juncus effusus
Hemp Agrimony                     Eupatorium cannabinum
Marsh Cinquefoil                    Potentilla palustris
Marsh Marigold                      Caltha palustris
Purple-loosetrife                     Lythrum salicaria
Water Avens                          Geum rivale
Water Dock                            Rumex hydrolapathum
Water Mint                             Mentha aquatica
Yellow Iris                              Iris pseudacorus
Yellow Pimpernel                   Lysimachia nemorum

pond in 1990
The pond in 1990
Wildlife pond 2019
The pond in summer 2019

Wildlife in the Pond

The native plants provide an ideal habitat for pond life. We have an especially wide range of dragonflies and amphibians, not to mention the pond-dwelling insects and other invertebrates. Dragonflies recorded include blue-tailed Damselfly, Brown Hawker Dragonfly and Azure Damselfly. We also have newts, frogs and toads breeding in the pond.

At our Wildlife Day in 2018 the team who led the pond-dipping recorded the following species:

Greater Water Boatman                   Lesser Water Boatman
Pond Skater                                     Damsel Fly nymph
Great Crested Newt                         Great Crested newtpole
Common newtpole                           Water Hog Louse
Freshwater Shrimp                           Pea Mussel
Greater Pond Snail                           Ramshorn Snail
Cased Caddis Fly                             Bloodworm
Water Beetle larvae                          Hyphydrus Ovatus [water beetle]

Join us for the Wildlife Day in 2020 for your chance to see some of the pond-living wildlife.

Dragonfly by Richard Medlock
Female broad-bodied chaser
Female broad-bodied chaser dragonfly
yellow flag
Yellow flag