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Moth Counts

Since 2012, David Baker of the Butterfly and Moth Conservation Society has been carrying out regular moth counts at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens. Over those 8 summers he has recorded 341 different species of moth.

In 2019 fifteen new species have been recorded, including two scarce migrants to Yorkshire, the macro-moth Loxostege sticticalis and Hyles galii, otherwise known as the Bedstraw Hawk-moth.

Although most moths fly at night, there are a few day-flying moths and you should expect to see the chimney-sweeper in our wildflower meadow in late spring.

David also writes a very detailed annual report giving a month by month record of the moths he has trapped here. This is a very useful summary of the moths you are likely to see locally and the time of year. Just click on the report below to find out more.

David is a regular attendee at our Wildlife Day when he will help you identify the moths he has trapped the night before.


poplar hawk moth
Poplar hawk moth
bedstraw hawk-moth
Bedstraw hawk-moth
white plume moth
White Plume Moth
Leopard moth
Leopard Moth
Moth trapping
Examples of what was in the moth trap
Buff tip moth
Buff tip moth