The Plant Nursery

Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens & Nurseries specialise in unusual perennial plants, many of which can be seen in the garden.  We offer one of the largest ranges of hardy Geraniums in the UK and also have a huge selection of plants that thrive in the shade, such as Pulmonaria and Brunnera.

Our plant nursery is bursting with beautiful plants, mostly grown here and we are pleased that the plant nursery has now re-opened with social distancing and other safety measures in place. It will be open during our regular opening times.

If you are still concerned about safety you may also use Click and Collect Service. Click the button below for details.


There are over 800 plants available for sale in the plant nursery most of which have been grown here at Stillingfleet Lodge Nursery, so you know that they are suitable for our Northern climate.

We are one of the Gardens Illustrated Magazine’s Top 100 Independent Nurseries for 2019

If you are looking for a certain plant, please click on the letters below to take you to the correct letter. Alternatively you can browse the full herbaceous plant catalogue or for grasses or shrubs by clicking the relevant catalogue images below


Key to reading the plant catalogue:

Plants in green - suitable for shaded area
AGM - RHS Award of Gardening Merit
PBR - Plant Breeders Rights
Look out for the word NEW to indicate plants that are new for 2020.

We give the height of plants in imperial because that is what many of our customers (and I) understand!
Conversion Guide:
6" - 15cm, 1' - 30cm, 18" - 45cm, 2' - 60cm, 3' - 90cm


Many of the varieties on sale are not readily available in garden centres. A wide range of the plants we have in the nursery can be seen growing in the garden and all plants are well established.

Because we do not sell plants by mail order we are able to offer larger plants. Most plants are in 2 to 3 litre pots and none in smaller than 1 litre pots. We are delighted to offer you our advice and guidance should you require it.

We are now able to accept cards in the plant nursery as well as cash, cheques or Stillingfleet Lodge Gift Vouchers for payment of plants. We can not accept cards in the tea room.


How we grow the plants

Over 90% of the plants we sell in the nursery are grown here. We have a well-filled stock bed where we grow on the herbaceous plants that we have split from larger plants in the garden.

We also spend much of the time when we are closed propagating plants such as phlox from cuttings and anemones from root cuttings.

In the autumn we also collect seeds from our plants. Some of the seeds are used to grow plants for the nursery in our polytunnels and we also pack some of them up for you to buy.

We are always adding new plants, so please, if you see something you like in the garden come and ask us if we have it for sale in the nursery.


Taking cuttings
Taking cuttings in the polytunnel
Preparing plants in the nursery
Preparing plants in the nursery
Irises in the stock beds
Full stock beds
Working in the stock beds
Working in the stock beds