The Rill Garden

To many visitors to Stillingfleet Lodge our modern Rill Garden comes as a bit of a surprise. With its geometric design and minimalistic planting, it is quite a contrast to the luscious borders of the rest of the garden. Since it was built in 2008, with a design by Lizzie Tulip, it has also provided a backdrop to one of the more permanent sculptures in the garden.

Sculpture in The Rill Garden

Sculpture in the Rill Garden


We have just taken delivery of a new sculpture, pictured above. It is by Helen Sinclair and will be on display in The Rill Garden in 2015.  We are sure you will love this sculpture just as much as you loved Helen’s “Wednesday’s Child” which we had on loan here last year.


Wednesday's Child in the Rill

Helen Sinclair’s Wednesday’s Child


Those of you with long memories will also remember that the Rill Garden also provided the setting for “Fair Horse Rising,” a sculpture we had on loan from Mike Lyons.

Sculpture in the Rill Garden

Fair Horse Rising by Mike Lyons

We feel privileged to be able to showcase this calibre of work in the garden as they complement the Rill Garden beautifully.

We hope you will be joining us in April when we are open for the summer and will be as delighted with our new sculpture as we are. We also have a number of other sculptures permanently in situ in the garden  – many of which will be familiar to you. In addition we are looking forward to hosting the work of three sculptors in August in our Wire, Willow and Copper in the Garden exhibition.

To find out more about the artists mentioned in this article please click the links below:

Helen Sinclair

Michael Lyons

Lizzie Tulip Garden Designer

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