When most people think of spring flowers they think of snowdrops, crocuses, aconites, daffodils and tulips. But, as usual here at Stillingfleet we like to think a bit differently, and the stars of our spring garden are the pulmonarias.

This year Pulmonarias are a good shade plantwe have 27 varieties of pulmonaria for sale in the nursery and most of these also grow in the garden. I love pulmonarias with their spotted leaves and their colours ranging from white through to purple, via blues and pinks. They are mostly easy to grow and they thrive in shade. I am really proud that we have “our own” variety – “Stillingfleet Meg” named after my eldest daughter, which has a pink flower and a dark green leaf.

I was delighted, therefore, that our pulmonarias were recognised in a recent edition of the Garden News Magazine suggesting a resurgence of interest in these lovely plants.





Pulmonaria Feature in Garden News Magazine

The garden will be open again for the summer on the 1st April and the pulmonarias will be the star of the show, particularly if we get a little warmth! You should also look out for our hellebores and daffodils. If you are interested in pulmonarias or any other perennial plants do come and ask for advice as to which are the best plants for your garden

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