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Our Meadow Features in the Telegraph

Our Meadow Features in The Telegraph

Telegraph Garden Writer, Ken Phillips used our meadow, including a beautiful photo, as an example of a traditional meadow as opposed to an annual meadow in this article, some of which is here….

“How meadows were lost in the long grass

The popularity of the ‘annual meadow’ has led to some unrealistic ideas about wildflowers


Delightful: a true wildflower meadow, such as the one at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens, will never contain an annual poppy Photo: Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries

“A day or two after the end of last year’s summer opening season, I visited Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens, a few miles south of York. It is a delightful small space, basically cottage garden in style, with many unusual plants and chickens. It has just one startling bit of rectangular modernity to keep you on your toes. “Worth a long journey to visit,” says the RHS, and I wouldn’t disagree at all.

One of Stillingfleet’s many joys is a real wildflower meadow. Real in two senses. First, it is a meadow, in the sense of an area of perennial grass and wildflowers, managed by annual cutting. Second, it is a genuine agricultural survival, with a history as permanent grassland that probably goes back centuries, and which has simply been incorporated into a modern garden.”

You can read the rest of the article here. 


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