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Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events 2020

workshops and events

Bird-Ringing at the Wildlife Day

Every year we organise a series of workshops and events at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens. Our main event is our Wildlife Day in June, which is a family event, with plenty of activities and information about the wildlife of the area. Please visit the dedicated Wildlife Day Facebook page for wildlife news.

We also run a range of courses that cover both practical gardening skills and arts and crafts.



Gardening workshops

The gardening workshops include hands-on courses such as apple tree pruning as well as workshops dealing with garden design. In keeping with the ethos of our garden they tend to look at ways to garden that encourages wildlife. These workshops are either led by Vanessa Cook, her husband John or by visiting experts. 

Creative workshops

Our creative workshops are all led by local experts in their field and use the garden as inspiration for you to make your own works of art.

How to book

To reserve your place/s please click on the event and use the Book Now buttons beside each workshop. Alternatively complete and return the downloadable booking form. 

All courses include entry to the garden plus coffee and biscuits. Materials are provided, unless stated and you will leave each workshop with plenty of reference information.

Please note that workshop fees cannot be refunded if cancelled less than 7 days prior to date of workshop.

We are currently finalising the workshops for 2020 and we are publishing them here once they have been confirmed. To book online please click on the links.

Workshops 2020

Tuesday 11th February – 10:00-12:00 Apple Tree Pruning

Saturday 14th March – 10:00-12:30 – Introduction to Growing Vegetables with Tony Chalcraft

Saturday 4th April – 9:30-12:00 – Free-range Poultry Keeping

Wednesday 8th April – 10:00-12:00 – Growing Beautiful Cut Flowers  with Mary Swan

Wednesday 22nd April – 10:00-12:00 – Beginner’s Photography with Christine Carr

Wednesday 29th April – 10:00-12:00 – How to be Cheerful about Shade in the Garden with Vanessa Cook

Wednesday 6th May – 10:00-12:30 – Growing Soft Fruit  with Tony Chalcraft

Monday 11th May – 10:00-16:00 – Making a Wire Hen or Duck with Chris Moss

Wednesday 13th May – 10:00-12:00 – Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of  Your Garden with Tracy Foster

Monday 8th June – 10:00-16:00 – Eco-Print with Confidence with Jane Hare

Thursday 9th July – Developing a Garden Sketchbook with Peter Scott

Monday 20th July – 10:00-16:30 – Painting the Garden in Pastels with Catherine Inglis

Wednesday 29th July – 10:00-12:00 – Looking at Foliage as an Asset in the Garden with Vanessa Cook

Saturday 1st August – 10:00-12:30/13:30-16:00 – Make a Wire Small Bird with Chris Moss

Wednesday 12th August – 10:00-12:30Growing More and Better Vegetables with Tony Chalcraft

Wednesday 9th September – 10:00-12:30 – Introduction to Growing Vegetables with Tony Chalcraft

Wednesday 16th September – 10:00-12:00 – A Tree for All Seasons with Vanessa Cook 

Wednesday 23rd September – 10:00-12:30 – Tomato and Other Tips for Greenhouse/Polytunnel Growing with Tony Chalcraft


Completed Courses 2019

Monday 15th April – 10:00-12:30/13:30-16:00 – Make a Willow Obelisk with Margaret Cooper

Thursday 16th May – 10:00-16:00 –  Creative Digital Photography with John Potter

Monday 3rd June – 10:00-16:00 – Painting the Light with Peter Scott

Friday 14th June – 10:00-12:00 – The Importance of Water in the Garden with John Killingbeck

Sunday 23rd June – 11:00-17:00 – Annual Wildlife Day

Monday 8th July – 10:00-16:00 – Make a Willow Basket with Margaret Cooper

Tuesday 10th September – Gardens Illustrated Masterclass – Lose Your Fear of Pruning with Timothy Walker CANCELLED by Gardens Illustrated

Thursday 5th September – Paper Cutting Workshop with Helen Naylor

Monday 16th September – 10:00-16:00 – Make 2 Wire Fantail Pigeons with Chris Moss SOLD OUT


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 01904 728506.


We appreciate your feedback on our courses so we invite you to use our feedback form and make your  comments – please click here to visit our Feedback Area.


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