Chris Moss wire sculptures of poultry

Chris Moss wire sculptures of poultryAugust is sometimes a bit of  a quiet month in a wildlife garden as the birds have finished nesting  and many of the foliage plants have not yet adorned their autumnal colours. It is good for butterflies and dragonflies.  If  you visit the garden on a sunny day look out for  peacock butterflies, red admirals, tortoiseshells, commas and painted ladies among the flowers and dragonflies hunting round the pond.

But this year as you walk round the garden you will also see a lot of animals: Chris Moss is back exhibiting her lovely wire sculptures in the garden. Her workshops here are always sell-out events and our visitors love her life-like sculptures, which will include pheasants, geese, hares, owls and foxes.

But the art doesn’t end there – a visit to the tea room for refreshments (including Yorvale icecream) will give you the opportunity to see an exhibition by two artists Anna Cook and Amy Clyfan. Anna creates her papercut designs with intricately cut sheets of paper and usually uses woodland animals or birds as a focal point. Amy’s paintings have a sense of folk art tradition and celebrate her love of pottery and plant life.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens in August and enjoy the shade afforded by our many trees and the coolness from the running water in the rill garden and our wildlife pond.


  comma butterfly