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Moths at the Wildlife Day 2016

The night before our Wildlife Day, David from the Butterfly Conservation Trust visited to set moth traps. Here is his report of the day.

“Our three traps were set up in their usual spots on the night of Saturday 25th June prior to Wildlife Day. The evening was very wet on site following a storm around 1830 hrs and more rain was imminent but, hopefully, over a shorter period, then it was likely to remain fair throughout the night. In the morning it had faired up and we were treated to a very sunny and warm day for the arrival of around 200 visitors. The overall catch, although lower than hoped for, gave sufficient samples of species to show to the visitors, and around 70 children, with their respective guardians, examined the moths, mostly with a genuine and keen interest.”

Here is the full list of moths caught on 25th June.

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The moths highlighted in red are new species to the garden. You can read a full report of moth findings at the site since 2012 here.


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