2 for 1 offer image
2 for 1 offer image

We are delighted to announce a special 2 for 1 offer for under 35s to visit the garden this spring. The offer will be running throughout April and May during our regular opening times.

Both visitors will need to be under 35 and will need to show proof of age at the entrance hut.

We would really like to encourage more younger people to visit the garden and think that what we have here is of particular appeal to the new generation of garden lovers.

With our emphasis on wildlife and sustainability we are always happy to share our experience of developing the garden. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and learn about the plants we have here and which are the best for them in their own garden. You will be able to see many of the plants for sale in the nursery growing in the garden.



Relax and Enjoy

Even if you do not have a garden of your own, there are many benefits of visiting the garden. It is a haven of tranquility, where you can sit down and enjoy the plants and listen to the birds singing. Being outdoors is good for mental health and a couple of hours here in the garden is the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life.

After visiting the garden we have a lovely tea room in the courtyard where you can enjoy locally sourced cake and fair-trade teas and coffees.

Silent Spring

When we moved in back in the 1970s we were inspired by Rachel Carson’s seminal environmental book, “Silent Spring” to become self-sufficient and eco-friendly. The family has now grown up and grand-children enjoy their holidays in the garden. But that original aim is still evident: the vegetable garden and free-range hens still provide plenty of food and the garden is still managed with an eco-friendly ethos.