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August: Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition in the Garden

This August, we invite you to join us for a Sculpture Exhibition in the Garden. We are delighted to welcome the ceramic artist, Eric Moss for the first time to exhibit alongside his wife, wire sculpture artist, Chris Moss. Regular visitors to the garden will be familiar with the wire sculptures, but we have invited Eric to tell us more about his nature inspired ceramic art here:

“Each piece I create is a discrete individual, but many can be placed with others to produce manifold combinations.  My investigations into intriguing geometries, iterations/arrays and combinant sculpture is a constant source of delight, inspiration and discovery.  Generally inspired by forms in nature, my ‘Ceramicano assemblies’ and ‘waveform’ themes invite the courageous viewer into the creative process, further expanding flexibility of expression.”

Having sculptures in the garden gives an added dimension to any visit.

The exhibition is open to the public on our regular opening times throughout August. The exhibits are available to buy, please ask at the entrance hut for details.

sculpture exhibition by Eric Moss