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CANCELLED Free Range Poultry Keeping

poultry keeping course

April 4 at 09:30 - 12:00

Cost: £40

Visitors to our garden always admire our free range poultry and this free range poultry keeping course gives you a chance to meet our own flock and learn how to care for your own poultry.

The chickens, bantams, geese and guinea-fowl that we keep here at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens are a vital part of us managing the garden on a sustainable basis. Not only do the poultry provide us with food, but they are part of our “green” pest control system, provide fertiliser and keep the grass in the car park well trimmed.

On our free-range poultry keeping course, John will introduce you to some of our rare breeds and teach you about:

  • Buying your hens – which breeds for you
  • Housing and bedding
  • Feed and water
  • Which breeds to keep
  • Reducing pests and treating common ailments.
  • Protection from predators

So whether you want to keep poultry as pets, a source of food or as part of your sustainable gardening, this course will give you the basics.

All courses include entry to the garden plus welcome coffee and biscuits. Unless stated,  materials are provided and you will leave each workshop with plenty of reference information.

Please note that workshop fees cannot be refunded if cancelled less than 7 days prior to date of workshop.


Free-Range Poultry Keeping Course 04/04/20 £40.00